Our Partners

Our partners reinforce the work we do towards most successful end(s). These include:

1. Refugee Resource Center:

The Refugee Resource Center (RRC) explores resourcefulness of refugees reach full potential in order to contribute towards the development of host communities and countries of origin. Email our focal person admin@integratedmentalhealthinitiative.org.

2. ANDEWAJA Services:

ANDEWAJA is consulting firm that supports the following:

a. Collaborative research, research training and mentoring;

b. Free advisory services research and organization development;

c. Strategic development planning;

d. Organization development;

e. Interactive clients-business communication strategy -including computer support services, website development, social media and search engines integration, and communications support services;

f. Development of organization development policies and strategies, such as;

  • Human resources policy, financial policy,
  • Monitoring and evaluation strategy,
  • Resources mobilization strategy for developing organizations, and
  • Capacity development for individual staff and organization management, including appraisal, training, recruiting support, salary review and determination, budgeting support, and document handling.
  • Advanced Excel and dashboards for HRs, CEOs, business and organization management.

Lead consultant can be contacted by email: dishma.imhs@gmail.com.

3. Poetherapy Uganda

Poetherapy Uganda is a youth-led organization, which uses healing-focused poetry to support healing of vulnerable youths with depression in Uganda. Email: poetherapyug@mail.com.

4. Union of Community Development Volunteers

The Union of Community Development Volunteers (UCDV) is a volunteer-led organization that uses altruistic, group-bonding, and familylife to foster collective awareness of development challenges, generate solutions to their problems, and pursue community-led strategy to achieve sustainable livelihoods, wellbeing, security, and peace in troubled communities. Email Union of Community Development Volunteers: ucdvolunteersug@gmail.com.

5. Women Action Group 

The Women Action Group (WAG) is gender-based organization, which promotes inclusive and sustainable development, with focus on strengthening the active role of girls and women in programs that boost their wellbe

6. Buddhist Mission in Africa

The Buddhist Mission in Africa (BMA) is development organization without borders that uses Buddhist principles within African knowledge systems to cultivate wellbeing, happiness, and peace for whoever seek them. It also promotes exchange of experiences and practices for the wellbeing of Africans and global community for collective wellbeing. Buddhist Mission in Africa by email: buddhistmissionafrica@gmail.com.